Thursday, August 3


Found a new blog site, and you all know how restless I can get, a girl needs a little change every now and then. (ergo - the haircut). Anyway, the new blog is by Wordpress and is available here. Check it out, let me know if you like it.

Sunday, July 30


Having friends like you who travel alot and send me these great emails (you know who you are) certainly feeds my travel bug. I am still dreaming about taking our (as yet hypothetical) children in a campervan and driving from Singapore to Europe/ Africa/ Middle East or something. Going back to the basics of traveling cheap and off the beaten track.

I also dream about wandering around Latin America on my own sometime soon-ish. This article on the best (and worst) destinations for women worldwide is discouraging about Latin America (and some other places) for solo women, and what they say is mostly true, but now that I know what it's like, and what to do, I think I'll be okay. You're probably wondering what P thinks of this - the truth is, he loves solo travel as much as I do. And we firmly believe that we should take some alone time to do our own world wandering. I might return to Spain (since P hates Spain for some reason) and see it better, take the Camino de Santiago and see more of central and northern Spain.

Talking about that, here are some places to see before they disappear. Or check out this list of the most interesting (sometimes remote & undeveloped) beaches. There is an emphasis on interesting ecology, but reading it might also inspire you to visit some great beaches close to home.

Happy trails!

Saturday, July 29

Long time no see!

Yikes. Have not blogged in forever. Sorry. Unforgivable, I know, but there hasn't been much interesting stuff happening. Life's like that sometimes, and I'm glad for the rest.

Lately we have been discovering some excellent restaurants around home, which I shall have to talk about in another post.

Interesting happenings:
1. I got a Divacup (it's a silicone menstrual cup, so the boys can stop reading here). I am hooked. Girls, save the planet (no more tampons/ pads in the landfill) and your vagina (read the FAQs). No leaking, no stinking. You empty it every 12 hours, so you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Also fantastic when you're camping: just pour and go. Mind you, it took a while getting the hang of inserting it, but now, it's great. For more info visit, and check out the testimonials. If you need to change tampons every 3-4 hours now, you'll love this.

2. I got a Microsoft Notebook Laser 6000 wireless mouse. It's tiny (even with my small hands) but the laser tracks on anything, even glass, so I can literally use it on almost any surface. And I love the sensitive & smooth scroll wheel, which some reviewers have complained about. The left/ right buttons are a little stiff, compare to P's Razr, but there is very little to quibble about.

3. I got a haircut. Now I have a chin-length bob. When I've had long hair for over 6 years, going short was a bit disconcerting, I kept trying to comb about 2 inches further, and the first time I washed my hair was very wierd (where'd all my hair go???). After living with it for a week, I've decided I like it. Almost everyone has complimented me on it, so I guess it looks good to other people too. Most comments say I look younger/ cooler. Hmmm. Photos when I finally get around to taking them, so you guys can get your own opinion.

Tuesday, June 13

Viva Mexico/ Go Aussie go!

Right now, it is an absolute privilege to be in football-mad Latin America, when the country you live in is winning!

We're just off a major street, and we always know for certain when Mexico wins, because cars will go down the street, with flags sticking out of windows, honking a beep-beep-bebe-beep rythm, chanting 'mexico-mexico-mexico'. I don't even have to watch the match. It's alot of fun watching the celebrations, so infectious it puts a smile on your face.

Here's a short video from the street I live on.

And here are some photos:

Right now, both Mexico and Australia are at the top of their group tables. Well, let's enjoy that while it lasts.

Wednesday, May 24

Mrs Henderson Presents

This is the very first time I'm writing about a movie. Most movies we see, they're so big budget that they don't need further advertising. This one, however, is a very enjoyable romp. Please go rent it. If you need further inducement, there are naked women (and a very funny scene with 4 or 5 naked men) in it. Check out the Metacritic and IMDB reviews.

We laughed our heads off. However, being in Mexico, we were usually the only ones in the cinema to do so, either before, or after, the subtitles. Never at the same time as the locals, unless the comedy was physical. It's a very wierd sensation. Then of course, I'm cackling like a hyena when the context doesn't translate, and the whole crowd is wondering: what the?? The same thing happened when we saw The World's Fastest Indian, a movie that was probably harder for Mexicans to understand than Mrs Henderson Presents.

This movie also bears the dubious distinction of being the one and only movie we've seen here where not a single phone rang throughout. Although there is always a loud talker/ irritating laugher/ fidgety kicker in any Mexican movie experience. In that we were not spared.

This man kept repeating actors' lines: in very fascinated Mexican English. Loudly. In the seat right behind me. Argh! I have to confess, I am guilty of the same crime, but only in the privacy of my own living room, when I'm learning a new Spanish swear word. Which I say really loud while bouncing on the couch.

Anyway, go see both movies, they are worth at least one or two viewings. Next time I write about entertainment, it will probably be anime.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 13

Sarong Party Girl

Every Singaporean knows what they are. In short, Asian women who date white expat men. The abbreviation, SPG, is also known as Sarong Party Gay (self-explanatory, I hope). For more depth, see this Wikipedia definition.

Isabella Chen, the blogger also known as Sarong Party Girl, freely admits to being one. (More info about her in the Wikipedia entry). She also kept P occupied for a good half hour reading her blog. She writes very well, and raises some excellent points. Here's her missive about dating white men vs. Singaporean men:
All women like money and all women like sex. And I know –oh from talking to a few local girls, not necessarily ones that have ever dated Caucasians- that all of them secretly want to snag one. And the reasons are absolutely so primordial in nature it really epitomizes the whole dating game.
After I started dating P, my closest friends started teasing me about being an SPG. And how I really wasn't like one. I've never dated a white expat, I don't have a fake accent, etc. Other stereotypes include being years younger than her boyfriend, a very deliberate manner of dress showing off the fake tan, fake boobs, fake everything else paid for by rich white boyfriend.

Those of you who know me well know I'm none of the above. I met P in Oz, where I was the student expat. I dress like a boy: what's clean? does it match? and I'm usually done. I never wear makeup. The closest thing to cosmetic surgery I've had is LASIK.

However, I married a white boy. And that, in itself, means that Ms. SPG's little article applies to me to some degree. =) Yes, or no?

Friday, May 12

All about me

Inspired by the eloquent answers of Ken Watanabe and Kate Winslet, here's my version of "all about me". Long time friends know how much I love these things, so send me yours!

childhood ambition photojournalist
fondest memory P anything, travelling solo
soundtrack my voice????
retreat my journal, my husband, my cat
wildest dream reasonable people in an equitable world
proudest moment holding my tongue, everyday
wierdest act peeing out a car window
biggest challenge living life thoughtfully and truthfully
alarm clock my husband
perfect day picnic at the beach with all my loved ones
first job waitress
indulgence dark chocolate & massages
last purchase lunch
favourite movie Lord of the Rings
inspiration the people around me
My life is getting better and better